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Our design philosophy at fuzziecouch.com focuses on comfort and elegance as the primary drivers behind a product. All our designs have a distinct personality and with our direct approach to customization you will always have exactly what you want. Find the most beautiful Fabric living room chairs, the most comfortable Fabric Wingback Chairs & Fabric accent chairs.

Our armchairs have the below characteristics,
  • Solid Hardwood frame
  • High Density Foam core
  • Premium upholstery Fabrics.
  • High Customization potential. Reach out to us and we will get back to you immediately.


Sorriso Armchair
Sorriso Armchair Rs. 43,500.00 Rs. 46,500.00
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Rigor Armchair
Rigor Armchair from Rs. 41,600.00 Rs. 45,600.00
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Cubo Armchair
Cubo Armchair Rs. 48,900.00 Rs. 52,650.00
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Cumulo Armchair
Cumulo Armchair Rs. 46,500.00 Rs. 49,500.00
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Wester Armchair
Wester Armchair Rs. 39,900.00 Rs. 41,500.00
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Scipio Armchair
Scipio Armchair Rs. 38,500.00 Rs. 41,500.00
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Mango Armchair
Mango Armchair Rs. 36,500.00 Rs. 39,900.00
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B3 Armchair
B3 Armchair from Rs. 39,500.00 Rs. 42,500.00
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Savio Armchair
Savio Armchair Rs. 41,400.00 Rs. 46,500.00
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Grid Armchair
Grid Armchair from Rs. 43,500.00 Rs. 46,500.00
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Vivida Armchair
Vivida Armchair Rs. 39,000.00 Rs. 42,500.00
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Angalore Armchair
Angalore Armchair Rs. 43,500.00 Rs. 48,900.00
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Nonno Fabric Armchair
Nonno Fabric Armchair Rs. 39,500.00 Rs. 43,400.00
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Abbraccio Fabric Armchair
Abbraccio Fabric Armchair Rs. 39,500.00 Rs. 43,400.00
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Guanto Fabric Armchair
Guanto Fabric Armchair Rs. 42,000.00 Rs. 45,600.00
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Gothenberg Fabric Armchair
Gothenberg Fabric Armchair from Rs. 36,000.00
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Seoul Fabric Arm Chair
Seoul Fabric Arm Chair Rs. 36,999.00 Rs. 38,999.00
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Anna Maria Fabric Arm Chair
Anna Maria Fabric Arm Chair Rs. 29,999.00 Rs. 32,999.00
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