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July 12, 2018 2 min read

Efficient use of space, while maintaining its aesthetic charm has always been a challenge for all home owners. An average family home overtime becomes a collection point of sorts for all things sentimental and tends to look more like a warehouse through which the resident family meanders in and out trying not to bump into things. The average wardrobe stands like a monolith in the surrounding devastation and looks totally out of place. Any attempt to purge the clutter is vetoed by your significant other. So how do you manage to store all that you love (Or your Wife Loves) and still have a stylish looking home. Well, here is your answer. The AOKI Modular Storage system. A Sleek, Minimalist and simply cool new way to store your beloved stuff.

AOKI System

Sleek New Look:

With its super sleek, almost industrial (ALMOST) look, the AOKI system is designed to be incredibly versatile and Flexible. While expansion is never a problem since single units can be purchased as per customer requirement, the ability to reconfigure the system on the fly is a great quality hitherto not available in the Indian Market. And the type of units and the colors in which they are available easily allows you to match your existing decor.

Aoki System

Robust Construction:

The stylish support panels are made using Grade 316L stainless steel and the shelf components are made using high quality engineered wood. The finish is impeccable, the workmanship is top notch. 

Easy Expandability:

With all units designed as stand alone, it is quiet easy to expand this system based on your needs. A small family may just have a small unit as the family grows so does the unit. No need for any heave investments in alternate storage units. 


The AOKI system is definitely not limited to your bedroom or living room. With metal shelving components, this system is equally at home in the Kitchen on in the garden. The system is designed with excellent load bearing capability in mind and is highly corrosion resistant.

Aoki System

With its wide array of fittings and superb versatility, the AOKI system is a magnificent storage solution and with its sleek good looks, a brilliant addition to any home.